1. To improve the lives of underprivileged and disadvantaged individuals/with special needs.
  2. To   promote   the   Education   and   development   of   the   poor,   needy, orphaned, disadvantaged and vulnerable children in our communities.
  3.  To provide development and skills training for women and youths to equip them so as to become self-reliant, through special self-help projects.
  4. To provide educational facilities and assistance for the needy and the disadvantaged, soliciting scholarship.
  5. To  advocate for  the  education  of  girls  and  boys  in  the  community  and help in Funding education of those who are in need of help.
  6. To help improve the quality of grannies and elderly people in the community.
  7. To provide vital information on Horticulture in the rural communities and sensitive on the importance of agro-food.
  8. To  set  up  economic  activities  which  shall  help  in  raising  income  for education and welfare of the needy children in our community.
  9. To build a genuine partnership with other organizations on Horticulture in the fight against poverty.
  10. To train MCO staff on all self-help projects for communities rural,- urban areas, management and Horticulture.
  11. To create training opportunities on entrepreneurship and business development advisory.
  12. To organize workshops to sensitise the communities on the importance of self – help projects especially for women and youths.
  13. It is the aim of the organisation to expand its activities to the rural communities and schools so as to encourage farming and gardening in rural areas, thereby reducing rural-urban. Migration.
  14. To cater for  relevant educational materials to make education accessible, affordable and qualitative
  15. To promote the rights and human dignity all persons and fight against social injustice.
  16. To scout medical supplies for rural communities and First Aid boxes for schools.
  17. To scout seeds and encourage school farms and gardening for students in the Lower Basic/Upper Basic schools to sustain school feeding programme.
  18. To provide sensitization programmes on the new pandemic currently ravaging the globe.COVID-19. This could be done by providing training to young leaders on this global menace and its prevention methods.