I try my best to report monthly to all our friends and Mothers Club Organisation (GAMCO) colleagues on the progress of MCO work.  Yet in May, various pressing issues demanded my attention, and reporting was moved to the back burner. Returning to writing, today’s report will cover the news and events of both June and July. Due to lockdown COVID -19 Food items were distributed to 25 widows to help them to reconnect as a family and 50 Mosquito nets to orphans in The Gambia.

It is always a pleasure to announce arrivals of new distribution reports.  These reports, filled with recipients’ stories and pictures, help us realize and show how our hard work impacts people in the Gambia motherlands.  Sharing the accomplishments, I would like to express my deepest heart felt and gratitude to all donors, volunteers, and recipient individuals that assisted us with project#005 widows’ in The Gambia, project # 006 Mosquito nets in The Gambia and project # 007 school supplies in West Coast Region and North Bank Region of The Gambia.  Please feel free to read reports we recently received and our last work we do:  

We are continuing our strive and are currently working on multiple projects that we will cover in greater detail in our future progress reports.

Thank you all for your support and friendship.

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