… our mission in Gambia

• We distribute donated bicycles to children in need.

• We have set up a monitoring system to keep the project going over the long term.

• We offer workshops for school bike technicians and school management.

• We create job opportunities.

• We help Gambian youth to improve their lives

Cycling out of poverty – a bike makes the difference

Bicycling Out of Poverty helps students, healthcare volunteers, farmers and small business owners with bikes improve access to basic needs and services such as education, health care, work and income. We believe that a bike makes a difference in this world and goes a long way towards achieving the Sustainable Development Goals. Our mission is to improve the livelihood of African families by making bicycles accessible and available to everyone in the Gambia.

Everyone has the right to fair and equal access to income, education, health care and food. It is unacceptable that 1 in 5 people still live in extreme poverty (less than € 1 a day). These people too should have the opportunity to have fair access to income opportunities, health care, education and food.

Access to these basic needs and services is a major challenge for many people in Africa. In areas where most people rely on cycling, this makes all the difference.

A bicycle can break the cycle of poverty because it gives people in Africa the opportunity to get out of poverty (or ride a bike).

We are committed to supporting these people in need with bicycles. We combine our charity efforts through our growing number of members of the fundraising activity.

Distance is an obstacle to education. For many young students in the Gambia, walking is the only means of transport and education is the only path to a secure future. However, students between the ages of 5 and 18 must walk for hours to get to school.

The distance combined with other duties like fetching water and getting products to market make graduation almost impossible. In addition, young girls who spend a long time traveling alone are victims of sexual assault. This results in students having difficulty maintaining constant school attendance and adequate academic performance, leading to high dropout rates, persistence of poverty and the inability to achieve their dreams.


MCO (GAMCO) changes lives by empowering the bike. Bicycles are powerful tools for change that enable safe, reliable and quick access to education, jobs and health care in regions where the lack of the above services leads to a continuing cycle of poverty. Geographical isolation of marginalized groups from vital opportunities is a common problem and the most cost-effective solution is bicycles.

Each bike costs $ 150 and comes with a toolkit.

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