Moringa powder dosage and recommended use

Moringa, how much can you take?
When you hold moringa powder, or rather leaf powder, in your hands for the first time, many people ask themselves, “How do I take it now and how much?”

First of all, HOW MUCH:
As a rough guideline, you can spread approx. 1 heaped teaspoon of Moringa powder (approx. 3 – 5 g) over the day.
Of course, you can also simply adapt to your personal feelings or determine the individual amount, e.g. kinesiological etc.

Simply incorporate the moringa powder into your daily diet.

Exercise shows:

The heartier a dish (e.g., green smoothies, stews, soups, fried vegetables, red cabbage, patties, falafel, etc.), the more moringa you can add.

The less flavor a meal has of its own (muesli, mashed potatoes, etc.), the less you should mix in to preserve the good taste and long-term enjoyment of Moringa.

The important principle applies: “Only use enough leaf powder that the food continues to taste good”.

Below are some specific application examples where experience has shown that they fit perfectly.

However, your personal taste is always used as a guide.

Please take this as the measure of all things. The maximum values ​​given here are for guidance only

Useful examples:
Green smoothies with moringa powder (up to one tablespoon per 1 ½ liter),
Yoghurt, muesli with moringa powder (max. ¼ teaspoon per serving)
Breakfast porridge with moringa powder (max. ½ teaspoon per serving, if cooked, otherwise ¼ teaspoon)
More ideas on how to incorporate moringa powder into your daily meal:
Add moringa powder to vegetables, e.g. Red cabbage, kale, savoy cabbage, spinach, peas, lentils, savoy cabbage, …
Stew, soup, sauce, vegetable pan, mushroom pan, patties, potato pancakes, hash browns, croquettes, mashed potatoes, pancakes, scrambled eggs, tomato sauce, Asian pan, curry dish, … bread, cake (up to 2) teaspoons in a chocolate pot or 750 g bread )
Pizza dough (up to a teaspoon and who likes a little on the pizza).

Just experiment a little and you will see that there are hardly any limits to your imagination.

Can you also cook moringa powder?
Basically we have raw food quality, i. H. Dried below 40 ° C to get as many vitamins as possible. Some of them get lost in the heat. On the other hand, there are also some ingredients that can be better absorbed by the body later due to the heat. Just combine it the way that suits you.

Moringa powder in cold liquids
If you want to stir Moringa leaf powder into juice or water, first put the powder in the beaker / glass, then add some liquid and stir the whole thing into a pulp. Only then pour in the remaining liquid and stir. Alternatively, the powder can be stirred in gently with a whisk or shaker. Otherwise, most of the powder will float on top and be difficult to stir in.

Shelf life of moringa powder
Since our Moringa is produced with a very low residual moisture content of less than 6%, the best before date is approx. 2 years from production. Since all refills can be hermetically sealed again, it will likely be of good quality for years to come.

Storage of Moringa Powder
For easier handling, we recommend taking a larger amount out of the bag and transferring it to a glass, for example, from which it can then be more easily removed for daily use in the kitchen. Brown or purple glass, of which we also offer a few variants, are ideal. (To the glasses). A normal jar also fulfills its purpose, but should not be left in bright light for weeks, but should be kept in a dark cupboard.

Please close the bag airtight again so that the powder stays nice and dry and therefore long-lasting.

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