Agricultural Assistance

/Vegetable gardening

In sub-Saharan rural poor community’s long awaited dream of women, youth and children to assist in the training and up-bringing of children from deprived communities [particularly the Girl-Child].

It is impossible for any informed person to ignore the mounting evidence of poverty and human degradation being suffered by most people in the developing country.

It is also an established fact that exceptional severity in deprivation [poverty] occurs in the west Bank belt of The Gambia.  Northern, Upper East, Upper and; West Regions of the developing country (The Gambia). It is generally estimated that about 85% of the Gambia populations live in the incidence of mass poverty being greater in the rural areas of the developing country.

With the below background as recognizable picture of the life: and condition upon which most of the said deprive areas operate on themselves in the form of gardening and farming .One can then appreciates the condition or plight of deprived and vulnerable (women and children)

In The Gambia women form the largest populations in one way/the order. They engaged in gardening during dry season and raining season as a way of living, taking care of their families, paying of tuition fees, buying uniforms and shoes for their children’s etc .  However, from fencing the garden, nursery beds, and harvest period they suffer because they use small branches to fence their garden with a lot of difficulties because animals always intrude and destroyed crops.