Agricultural Assistance

It is impossible for any informed person to ignore the growing signs of poverty and human degradation that plague most of the people in the developing country of Gambia.

It is an established fact that the Gambia West Bank is experiencing an exceptional level of disadvantage (poverty). Especially in Northern, Upper East, Upper and West regions of the developing country (Gambia).

It is generally estimated that around 85% of the Gambia’s population suffers from the poverty line.

With the following background as a recognizable picture of the life and condition under which most of the mentioned deprived areas affect themselves in the form of gardening and agriculture.

You can then assess the condition or plight of disadvantaged and vulnerable people (women and children).

In the Gambia, women make up the largest number of the population in one way or another.

They would do gardening during the dry season and rainy season to look after their families and pay tuition, buy uniforms and shoes for their children, etc.

However, due to the fencing of the garden, the cots and the harvest time, they suffer from the fact that they fence their garden with small branches with great difficulty, since animals always invade the harvest and destroy it.

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