Clean Water

Water is essential to the life of people, animals and plants for sustainable water supplies, and sanitation is fundamental to food security, health, survival, social well-being and economic growth in The Gambia. In fact, communities are particularly vulnerable to water problems.

The organization of the mothers’ club will contribute to solving the water problem in the future.

>> UNDP (United Nations Development Programme) Goal 6: Clean water and sanitation.
Safe and affordable drinking water for everyone by 2030 requires that we invest in adequate infrastructure, provide sanitation and promote hygiene.

Protecting and restoring water-related ecosystems is essential. “To ensure universally safe and affordable drinking water, the Gambia needs to reach more than 2 million people who lack basic services and improve the accessibility and safety of services to more than 2 billion people.

High quality, safe and sufficient drinking water is essential for our daily life, for drinking and preparing food. We also use it for many other purposes, such as washing, cleaning, sanitizing or watering our plants. These are basic principles for human consumption.

Some rural-urban communities still use open well water, where bats harbor and die in the wells.

In most areas, people drink from open well water, which usually leads to diarrhea. This project helps maintain the health of the communities and thus promotes hygiene. However, this year was fraught with difficulties and could not begin.

We therefore ask for your support in drilling a borehole for this community in the village of >> Kitty1.

Water is a life-giving resource.

Your gift will not only help bring crisp, clean drinking water to hundreds of thirsty children, it could very well save children’s lives.

Purchase a share of a well for $50 or an entire well for $5,000.

Or choose another amount anywhere in between by adjusting the quantity below.

Donation: 70$ or 5,000$

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