Furniture support

Does a school need to benefit from good school furniture?

Better quality of life, with correct school furniture that will reduce health problems and promote better physical well-being for students when they write in a managerial environment, more creativity in the room that allows more stimulation in learning.

The Mothers Club Organization (GAMCO) asks for good furniture for schools.

It is a student’s right to be educated in a safe, healthy, and even aesthetically pleasing environment, especially with young children or students for whom these factors are even more important.

For example, it has been shown that when analysing school outcomes based on performance, school materials such as textbooks, furniture, library books etc. are inadequate. They can greatly affect the level of concentration and the development of skills such as calligraphy. At the same time, the effectiveness of traditional teaching methods is increasingly being called into question and the quality of alternative methods is increasingly being considered.

For these and many other reasons, it can be said that there is a basic trilogy for successful learning: the qualifications of the teaching staff, the interest of the students and the quality of the physical environment in the classroom.

For students

• Easier to learn, empower students and increase their self-esteem. Students can concentrate more and complete tasks faster.

• Better quality of life with correct ergonomics that reduce health problems and promote physical wellbeing.

• More creativity and a conductive room environment that enables more stimuli in learning.

For teachers

• Support for easy movement around the classroom for a flexible curriculum. If the classroom is decorated with quality furniture, then it will provide suitable designs, and the teacher will be more comfortable with such changes, which will make the proposed activities more dynamic and attractive for students.

• The incentive to be part of the physical space forces students to be more willing to collaborate, which makes classes more fun and comfortable for everyone.

For schools

• For high quality furniture, the school scale for the standards of the students requires large investments in the short term, but offers very important advantages in the long term. Typically, every piece of furniture you buy should have a useful life of 10 years.

• Flexible or comfortable design (and consequently flexible teaching) arouses more interest among students and therefore better results. A stimulating work environment is desirable for everyone involved.

With high quality furniture; One that meets student needs is a positive choice for everyone involved in the school environment. Be it administrators, stakeholders, parent-teacher associations (PTA), teachers and support staff are changing their view of furniture costs and considering investing in high-quality pieces from the very beginning of the project. MCO also takes into account the parameters of efficiency that put children or students at the centre of the school.

Therefore, the school furniture of the future must not only offer space for free and guided movement, but also be tailored to the needs of a more flexible didactic environment, which in turn must be durable and comfortable for all users.