EducationWe solicit educational facilities and sponsorship for underprivileged and disadvantaged children in the Gambia.

MentorshipWe coach and provide training programmes for students, youths and communities, and share knowledge, develop skills and create business opportunities.  

Medical Assistance – We scout medical supplies and equipment to donate to the government, first Aid boxes for schools and communities.

Agricultural Assistance – We scout agricultural equipment, seeds, and fertilizer for farmers, and community gardens.

Clean Water – We solicit clean water supplies for schools and communities, ensuring safe and affordable drinking water to people who lack basic services and improving accessibility and safety of services for the communities we serve.  GET INVOLVE AND CHANGE LIVES


School supplies such as schoolbags, Notebooks, pens, pencils and Erasers etc.

Agriculture suppliessuch as Seeds, fertilizer, garden tools and equipment

Medical supplies such as mosquito Nets, feminine products such as (Pads) Medication and medical equipment.

IT such as Laptops, Library, solar panels and its equipment, etc for schools.

Equipment to build new wells for providing clean water for schools and community boreholes.

Different types of Sesame Seeds and different types of Rice seeds

 Special needs – Brail machine, two types of hearing Aid behind the ear i.e for large battery size 675 and small battery size 13 and lens etc, etc. GET INVOLVE AND CHANGE LIVES

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