About us

GAMCO GAMBIA (Mothers Club Organization) is a non-profit charitable organization in The Gambia (REG NO: 2014/C1203)/ Tax id or Tin: 1850019606) incorporated under the companies ACT 2013 and registered with the Ministry of Justice.

MCO is a community based Organization set up to support and  promote the  education,  social  welfare  and  development  of  the  poor,  needy  orphans, disadvantaged  and  vulnerable  children  in  the  communities and schools in The Gambia.

Reflecting the positive change that the organization is facilitating in the communities and schools such as the need to improve the quality of life of the underprivileged and disadvantaged children in the communities, 100% of the  donations go to support these under privileged and disadvantaged section of our communities.

Orphan: A child who has lost one of his or her parents.

Double orphan: A child who has lost both of his or her parents.

Residential care: Defined as a group living arrangement for children in which care is provided by remunerated adults who would not be regarded as traditional caregivers with the wider society.

Vulnerable children: Those children who are living with chronically ill parents. Children living in households fostering orphans, or any other children who meet the definition of extreme poverty in their communities.

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