Volunteer Policy


  1. Introduction
  1. This policy sets out the broad principles for volunteer management within MCO Project.
  • This policy endorsed by the Trustee Board and is reviewed every 12 months to ensure that the terms and conditions are appropriate for volunteer management within our organisation.
  • We recognise that volunteers are a valuable resource of support for our clients, are working with volunteers is an effective way to promote community development.
  • We value the contribution made by volunteers and are committed to providing the support and recognition that they need for personal development.
  • Definition
  1. A volunteer is not an employee and will not have a contract of employment with the charity.
  2. Volunteering is defined as unpaid activities undertaken by individuals who freely offer their time and commitment to contribute to our work.
  3. Volunteering must be a choice freely made by the individual. Volunteers are to be distinguished from other work placement, where the primary aim is usually for the participant to obtain certain work experience or to carry out work research in certain areas.
  • Principles

We, members of the Trustee Board of the Charity:

  1. Recognise the benefits that volunteers could bring to our organisation in terms of their skills, knowledge and personal experience.
  2. Will ensure that volunteers are properly integrated into our organisational structure and that mechanisms are in place for them to contribute to our work.
  3. Will not introduce volunteers to replace paid staff.
  4. Expect our colleagues at all levels to work positively with volunteers and, where appropriate actively involve them in their work.
  5. Recognise the need to promote learning and personal development for volunteers through appropriate training and support facilities.
  6. Will endeavour to identify and cover the cost of involving volunteers.
  7. Recognise that volunteer’s management requires designated responsibilities within specific post.
  8. Will endeavour to ensure volunteering opportunities within our organisation are as accessible possible.

4. Recruitment and selection for volunteering roles

  1. Volunteers are recruited from all sections of the community in accordance with our Equal Opportunities Policy. We welcome people from all social, cultural and ability backgrounds to join us as volunteers.
  2. Information about our organisation and volunteer roles is displayed through our charity’s website.
  3. People interested in volunteering can discuss any volunteer roles with the Manager or member of staff before they submit their applications.
  4. All application are required to complete an application form, Equality and diversity form and supply two sources of reference in accordance with our Recruitment Policy.
  5. Applications are informed if they have been short listed for an interview within 21 working days of their applications. We’ll provide unsuccessful applicants feedback including information on other volunteering options within and outside our organisation.
  6. Potential volunteers who meet the requirements of the volunteer role will be asked to attend an interview.
  7. Volunteers are subjected an enhanced DBS check if their roles involve a position of trust and/or unsupervised direct contact with vulnerable clients in accordance with Safeguarding Adults Policy.
  8. Volunteers, specifically recruited as drivers, are required to have a valid driving licence and adequate insurance cover.

       5. Volunteer Role Summaries & Agreements

  1. Volunteer role summaries are kept up-to-date and clearly displayed through our corporate website and communication channels.
  2. All volunteer are required to sign a Volunteer Agreement before they start volunteering with us.

The volunteer Agreement will identify:

  • The volunteer’s role;
  • The training that the volunteer is expected to undertake;
  • The expenses that the organisation will pay to the volunteer;
  • Who will supervise the volunteer;
  • The notice that will be given to a volunteer if she/he is to come to an end.

3 Volunteers are expected to comply with all the policies while undertaking any of their volunteering duties. Please speak to the Manager for further information.    

6. Induction & Training

  1. Volunteers are required to take part in induction sessions as part of their training and development. Generally, the induction will include an orientation session which will include an introduction to the Trust’s ethos and how it runs, relevant health and safety procedures and practical elements such as arrangements for breaks etc. 
  2. From the point of induction, volunteers are required to take part in mandatory training to promote best practice in volunteering work. Key areas include confidentiality and data protection.
  3. Volunteers may be asked to attend additional training sessions if their roles involve direct contact with clients or a specific set of skills.

7. Support and Supervision

           1. Volunteer are assigned a named contact person for support and supervision.

           2. We’ll provide timely support, supervision and guidance for volunteers to develop 

              The qualities, skills and knowledge required for their roles.

          3. We’ll provide additional support for volunteer who feel emotionally compromised by

             Client support work in accordance with our Health & Safety Policy.

8. Record Keeping

  1. We’ll keep minimum details on volunteers including the application forms, references, roles detail, signed documents with our staff Confidentiality and data Protection policy.

We’ll actively reduce the use, storage and disposal of paper documents in our workplace and encourage our volunteers to handle documents electronically as much as possible.        

9. Expenses

1. Volunteers are unpaid. However, we’ll ensure that systems are in place to enable Volunteers to claim out of pocket expenses.

2. Reimbursements of out of pocket expenses will be subject to completion of expenses Claim form.

10. Health & Safety

  1. We’ll take all reasonably steps to ensure the health and safety of our volunteers in accordance with our Health and & Safety Policy.
  2. Volunteers should at all times follow our Health and Safety policies and procedures. Volunteers have a duty to take care of themselves and others who might be affected by their actions. Volunteers should not act outside their authorised area of work. Volunteers should report all accidents to heir supervisor or manager.
  3. We will provide all volunteers with appropriate guidance on any health and safety issues that arise.

12. Confidentiality

  1. Volunteers are likely to become aware of confidential about us, our service users and third parties. Volunteers are required to familarise with their obligations and responsibilities in relation to confidentiality as detailed in our Confidentiality Policy. If volunteered have any queried abd confidentiality, they should ask the Manger.

13. Equal Opportunities

  1. We operate an equal opportunities policy which applies to all stakeholders including volunteers, trustees and other partners or member of public who come into contact with us.
  2. We aim to ensure that no-one is treated less favourably on the grounds of their race, colour, nationality, religion, ethnic or national origin, age, gender gender reassignment or marital status, sexual orientation or disability.
  3. We’ll take all reasonably steps to protect our volunteers from being discriminated on the grounds in accordance with our Equality &Diverse Policy.

14. Resolving Problems

  1. The Manager or member of staff will discuss any issues that volunteers may have and endeavour to resolve them in a timely manner in accordance with our Grievance and Dispute Policy.
  2. If the staff member is unable to resolve these issues, senior management will be contacted for advice.
15. Monitoring and Evaluation
  1. We’ll systematically monitor and evaluate our volunteers programme consultation and representational procedures for service improvement.

Revised version September 2021,