Richard Correa

Richard Correa holds a registered Nurses certificate from the Gambia College (2004), and awarded a degree in community health by the university of the Gambia (2009).

He Participate in People Support Offensive in Darfur Region in 2006 and 2013; a trainer in People Support Operation and Focal Point Officer for the Gambia Armed Forces Preventive Program.

He serve as a health Officer for KOOPA (Kitty1 Organisation for poverty alleviation).

Richard Correa understand that studying any medical field requires serious dedication and is not an endeavour that people should simply empathize with.

Richard Correa also holds a degree in community oral health care.

He have experienced in the following areas:
minor extraction, depth scaling, and root planning, as well as minor work in the mouth at the community level, and clients may not need to go to the hospital to see a dentist.

It takes a considerable amount of willpower and skill. Richard Correa hope that this personal statement, showing his determination, experience and passion, will be seen as a testimony to his strong desire to enter this field’.

Richard Correa has excellent organizational skills that he have successfully used in his academic and professional life in the past. He has strong interpersonal skills and have used them throughout his personal life to connect with the public, clients, colleagues, professionals and, more recently, fellow students and tutors.

He feel like an emotionally strong person who has shown determination, initiative and empathy in all areas of his life when dealing with difficult emotional circumstances and various challenging situations. As an individual, He have always paid his utmost attention to everyone He come in contact with, always in a calm and polite manner and with a good sense of humour.