The core values ​​of MCO

Patience and partner first.
We develop patience with everyone involved and our partners take responsibility for the organization in order to particularly protect and care for the needy and disadvantaged in the communities.

Honesty and integrity.
We work generously with our stakeholders to maintain our integrity.

Quality and Compliance.
We are responsible for our actions that affect the lives of the needy and underprivileged in society, and we strive to provide quality services.

Passion and collaboration.
Interest in working together for the well-being of people in need through joint coaching and training, especially for children, young people and women, in order to become responsible, caring and productive citizens.

No-limits mindset.
We understand eight fundamental principles of the right of the child and of responsibility and contribution to societies that define our existence.

Recourse orientation.
We need partners with whom we can work to mobilize resources for needy children, youth and women in communities and societies.