The Motivation of our organization is to help in promoting the education of the needy children in communities.  This shall be through providing school study fees, clothing, scholastic materials and meeting costs of their welfare.  To enable us to reach out to underprivileged and disadvantaged children in their various communities and schools to achieve their highest potentials so as to become productive, caring and responsible citizens in the future.

  • Donate $0.99 per day, i.e.  $30.00 per months or any one time amount – Education
  • Donate to special projects – educational facilities, human rights sensitizations, mentorship and Training.
  • Donate second hand clothes for grannies and elderly people in  communities
  • Donate for Humanitarian help – Clean water makes a whole difference, Mosquito Nets, Feminine products and Medical supplies.
  • Donate for special projects – agricultural equipment, seeds, and fertilizer.
  • Donate children with special needs – Brail machine, two types of hearing Aid behind the ear i.e for large battery size 675 and small battery size 13 and lens.