J.G is male and aged 13 years old. On arrival J.G was dressed in shorts and t-shirt and flip- flops sandals, and was clean with a neat short afro.
J.G enjoys attending school and his previous school (Manduar) his favorite teacher was Mr.Diba who taught math, J.G liked him because “He was a good teacher”.

J.G will be now attending Presentation of Mary Cycle School as a new student in grade 7, his new teacher Is called Mr. Mb.

J.G favorite subjects are English Language and General Science, the subject that he most dis-likes is math in particular Multiplication, I have asked J.G to bring his previous report card on his next visit so that I can put his grades into his file.

J.G enjoys playing football with his friend Sang and his favorite team is Man united, J.G is allowed to visit his friend in their compound and vise-versa.

J.G interests are reading and dancing and singing, especially Christian hymns, J.G also attends his local church. J.G also enjoys spending time with his friend Sang.

When at home in the family compound and J.G has no school work, he will help with the caring of the pigs and goats which he enjoys.

J.G mother is still alive and when asked if he has a good relationship with her, he automatically smiled and said “Yes.”

J.G favorite food is Benachin and red is his favorite color. J.G is in good health and has no allergies. When talking and answering questions J.G will answer with confidence and in a polite manner, J.G will even extend on his response without prompting.

J.G speaks clearly but sometimes a little quietly, but will also have eye contact. J.G said that at home he has enough food to eat and his own bed to sleep on. J.G when asked if he had any issues either at home or within the school he replied “No everything was fine.”